Hydromax specializes on salvaging, particularly recovering sunk vessel, cargo, or any other object, by our skilled divers using reliable equipment . Trusted by our satisfied clients, we guarantee a high standard service without leaving any damage on the salvaged object.

Underwater Inspection

We conduct training for our skilled divers on international standard procedures for underwater inspection. With our underwater closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera, our clients can witness the real-time underwater inspection. This provides them a venue to interact with our divers who are equipped with Kirby Morgan dive bandmask/helmets.

Underwater Welding and Cutting

Using a special electrode system, welding in a wet environment or underwater produces similar results with normal welding. In the same manner, underwater metal cutting is also effective with a hundred percent precision using advanced technology. Widely known in repairing ships for several years in Southern Mindanao, Hydromax has certified divers with high standard of professional skills in underwater welding and cutting in various environmental conditions. The patronage of our clients shows our excellence and commitment to deliver the best quality services for shipping industries.

Propeller Polishing

Propeller polishing is an underwater ship maintenance that helps conserve fuel consumption and increases the efficiency of Propeller. Using hydraulic powered polisher, we will remove barnacles and other forms of marine growth which caused the roughness of Propeller. With water as natural lubricant, the Propeller will become shiny and good as brand new. Having certified professional divers, Hydromax had provided commercial diving services to hundreds of ship vessels in several ports of the country.

Hull Cleaning

Equipped with hydraulic brush system, Hydromax provides hull cleaning service, a solution to excessive fouling organisms that developed on vessel's hull. We assure to meet our clients' expectations with our professional experiences in hull cleaning, serving most of the country's shipping industries.

Hydrographic and Topographic Survey

Hydromax ensures hydrographic surveys are undertaken appropriate standards including quality and safety guidelines and provisions of the team. The bathrymetric survey work utilizes Digital Hydrographic Eco Sounder and RTK GNSS Receiver to produce quality guidelines in determining the hydrographic aspects of risk relevant to the safe navigation of vessels within the client's jurisdiction.

Pier Inspection

Hydromax engineering and diving team perfoms the above and underwater visual/condition/integrity inspection using the latest in technology and expertise to inspect piers. This inspection is for route maintenance or post-incident investigation as per client's requirement. Our team are using Close Circuit Television (CCTV) or Handheld Camera Equipment and UTG to give access to our clients the real and actual picture or footage of the structure.


Dredging often makes use of the removed material, for beach,ports,harbour,river and other marine facilities replenishment. The area of operation dictates the type of dredge and dredger will be utilizing. Hydromax imposed safety procedures and guidelines for our team in order to achieve customer's satisfaction through quality service and exceptional performance.

Surface Works

Hydromax imposed safety procedures and guidelines as compliance of national laws or regulations or other national safety and health rules to perform surface works to customer satisfaction such as; Hotworks,calibration of gauges and electronic equipment and other surface work related to ship and piers.

Other Sevices

Inspection / Laying / Repair of the following; Submarine Cable,Submarine Pipe,Bouy,Sacrificial Anodes. Underwater UTG